“Happy Valentine’s Day.” Was that Awkward?

I have a colleague from China. The other day, right before we were about to part ways I saw him talking to another male colleague on the sly. He then came over to me and said “Good bye, Angie. Happy Valentine’s Day. Did that offend you?”

I think the world of this man, but even if I didn’t I would have said no.  

I responded, “did what offend me? You wishing me a happy Valentine’s day? Of course not.”

Being relatively new to America, he thought that wishing someone a happy Valentine’s day was just for those romantically involved, or for those who are trying to be. He had been asking the other man if it was OK to say Happy Valentine’s Day to me.  He is a happily married man, and I am a happily married woman, so he was worried that his well wishes would be taken inappropriately.

I explained to him that is not the case at all. In my mind, Valentine’s Day is for those you love – friends, colleagues, significant others … dogs. It is a time to express gratitude and affection to those you care about – in any capacity – romantic or not.

With that being said, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. Enjoy your day.


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One response to ““Happy Valentine’s Day.” Was that Awkward?

  1. Silly man~

    But now he knows! 🙂

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