Cheers!, Burbs Style

If you are a San Diego local, you’ve likely eaten at some sort of cook-your-own-food-style place, like the Gaslamp Strip Club, The Turf Supper Club or Buga Korean Barbecue.   

I love the interactive nature of cooking my own food but rarely get to do it because of the high prices and time involved in heading downtown to grill it up.

After a recent move to the ‘burbs, we were itching for an interesting place to grab some eats and drinks.  Enter Cheers. 

Cheers is a little watering hole located in the middle of a strip mall in Rancho Penasquitos.  The clientele is mostly middle-aged suburbanites – some who look like they’ve been at the bar since 6 a.m.  The lighting is dark and the decor is sports-driven.   The walls are adorned with video games, dart boards and a juke box that has a good selection.  If you’re looking for a classy night out this is not the place.  It is your proverbial dive bar.

All that said – they have a friendly staff, good drink prices – AND a grill-your-own-food indoor barbecue, which is why we keep going back. 

The food is good quality at amazingly low prices.  Scott orders and grills his own filet mignon every time – and the price is less than $9.  It comes with a salad and garlic bread too.  I don’t eat steak, but he tells me it is just as good as any filet  you would buy at the store. 

I order the veggie skewers (2 for $3) and grill them up with Teriyaki sauce and spices.  The whole meal is delicious and keeps me thinking about it for days after the experience. 

Another bonus is that, unlike its do-it-yourself indoor grilling brethren, you don’t have to elbow your way in to get a good space at the grill.  We haven’t been there once when it was overly crowded. 

I can’t find a Web site for Cheers, but here is the Yelp page. Clearly those that gave it a mid-grade review didn’t have the veggie skewers.

Next time you’re looking for something to do ‘burbs-style, Cheers is worth checking out.


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