Taste Spotting: Crack Pie


Source: Los Angeles Times


Last week LA Times came out with an article on Momofuku’s Crack Pie, served at Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar in Manhattan.  Naturally a name like Crack Pie is going to generate some fodder, and not only did I get a great-looking recipe for the Crack Pie, but I also go the recommendation for TasteSpotting

TasteSpotting is sort of an open-source food Web site that aggregates recipes from readers and bloggers and organizes them into a clean, concise portal.  Unlike many of the big-name recipe sites, this one is not cluttered with ads or propaganda from the featured chef or promoter.  

My friend Kim, who introduced me to TasteSpotting explained that when you click on a picture, it takes you to that persons blog or Web site where they also have posted all of their other recipes. It becomes and endless web of food-lover’s bliss. She added that you can search for anything you want to make on TasteSpotting and it will generate multiple different recipe options. 

Very cool.  Thanks, Kim.  For now, I spotted me a crack pie that needs to be tasted.


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4 responses to “Taste Spotting: Crack Pie

  1. Kim

    Such a fun site!! Thanks for the shout out, Angie 🙂

  2. Any time. Thanks for the great tips and recipes. Keep ’em coming.

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