Shopping at Home without a Computer

Living Room Turned Boutique

With the day-to-day integration of the internet into our lives, shopping at home is no new revelation.  However, there are often unknown variables with online shopping, like the way something feels or fits, that can’t compete with going to the store.  I’ve found a perfect middle ground.

Lolly O'Dorisio

My friend Lolly is a consultant for the Etcetera clothing line and runs Shopping Therapy by Lolly out of her home for one week each quarter.  She invites people into her home for private shopping appointments, which is so out of the norm and just as fun as it sounds. 

 Last night I went to her house to check out the spring line.  Every time I go I want to buy at least 4-5 pieces, but have to restrain myself and stick to getting just one. 

Etcetera clothing is more expensive than what I typically buy, but the quality is second to none and every time I wear a piece from the line I get tons of compliments. 

This is a really cool way to catch up with friends and shop in a comfortable environment.  It is a very unique experience.  Lolly is always willing to show people what she’s got for the season, so if you want to check out the spring trunk show let me know and I’ll put you in touch.  The last day for this season is Thursday.


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