Low-Cost Recognition; Big Impact

Some of the coolest and most dedicated people I’ve ever met are usually drenched in sweat … or at least they are when I see them.  One of my alter-egos is an aerobics instructor for 24 Hour Fitness.  I am blessed because aerobics is a hobby of mine that I’ve figured out how to get paid for.  

Bendable Smile Men - 24 for $10 at Party City


The people that take my classes put many of us to shame.  They are dedicated to their passion, committed to health and regularly push themselves to their limits.  I’ve been teaching many of them for close to five years.  Just recently I’ve started giving away little prizes to first-time attendees, the person who worked the hardest, or those who dress up for holidays, etc.  It is not something I do every week, but it adds a little excitement to class and encourages people to put forth extra effort.  

I ran out of awards at my last class, so this morning I set out to get more.  I typically hit Party City because they have a big variety and pretty good prices.  This morning I picked out some  plastic “you are a star” medals and some bendable smile face men.  Yes, I’m serious.  It is kid’s stuff, but these very mature adults get a kick out of it. 

I got to thinking that this little gesture of thanks and recognition could go a long way in any one’s life.  People don’t require Swiss time pieces as tokens of appreciations, they just like to know you notice them for what they’re doing.  My tokens of appreciation come in 24 packs for $12 or $10, respectively – that equates to about  a 50-cent thank you.  Not bad. 

You're a Star Medals - 24 for $12 at Party City


A few ideas of low-cost recognition: 

  • candy bar
  • flowers from your yard
  • stickers
  • note card
  • a feature on your blog

Get creative.  Recognize a friend, an employee or even someone you barely know.  It goes a long way.


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