The Black Awning of Mystique

For the last two or three years, every time I drive down G Street I see this little black awning that says “cafe and wine bar” in white writing.  This awning and the shop it overhangs lives at the corner of 9th and G in downtown San Diego.  I’ve been dying to figure out just what this place is all about and Friday, I finally did.

Cafe Chloe

My friend Teresa and I met for a drink and bite to close out the work week.  It is a darling little place run people who really seem to care about their customers and the products they serve them.  What struck me is that I always thought it was a wine bar, but Teresa, who works downtown and has been there many times before, thought of it more as a restaurant that serves wine.  Before we met, when I kept telling her I wanted to go to the black-awning wine bar by her office, she had no idea what I was talking about until we got there.

The decor is modern and comfortable and the prices are mid-grade – just about right for downtown.  We shared a cheese platter that came with toasted bread and various spreads.  The wine offerings were plentiful and diverse; the food menu appeared to be one that changes regularly based on seasons and what local farmers have to offer. Teresa kept raving about their most delicious macaroni and cheese.  In checking out their Web site, they offer an afternoon tea in attempt to bring French culture to East Village San Diego.  Something different; I like it. 

I’d go back again for sure.  As far as downtown goes, Cafe Chloe is more my speed as it is comfortable, moderately priced and it is not filled with Red Bull & Vodka-ordering, striped-shirt guys.


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