Addicted to Golden Share

If you are a carry-over reader from The Trail Mix Trials or a friend of mine, you’ve likely seen/heard me talk about Golden Share Foods before.  If not, Golden Share is the largest food sharing co-op in Southern California. 

Each month, they put out a menu of grocery packages to order, and then at the end of the month you go to your pick-up location and get it.  The savings is knock-your-socks-off good.  We’re talking about enough meat to last an entire month or enough food to stock your pantry for less than $30, respectively.   The prices are so good, we can’t stop going back for more.

And yes, it’s legit stuff. They even offer organic produce.  We still haven’t finished our order from last month and this Friday it is already time to pick up the February order.  

If you’re looking to save a buck, Golden Share is the way to go.  It is open to any one that makes a difference in their community.



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5 responses to “Addicted to Golden Share

  1. Wow, that makes me wish I lived in California! What an awesome deal!

    • It is really a great value. They have “sister” orgs around the country. I think if you contact them through their Web site they can put you in touch with a location close to you.

      • Charity

        Actually you can search for “grocery co-op” and your city & you should find something close – each co-op has their own rules: some require you to be a “partner/owner”. You can also look up CSA – cooperative agriculture groups too!

  2. Golden Share is great for saving time by not having to go shopping at a grocery store. The people at the pick-up area are nice and helpful and the savings is definitely there, great for families. Highly recommend- I did this around Christmas and had a got a great turkey from them. Thanks for sharing.

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