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People Do Care About What You Ate for Lunch

Years back, before the social media revolution was in full force, I accidentally fell upon an interesting experiment.  I was a relatively new cycling instructor and didn’t know my students on a first-name-basis like I do now.  In between drills, I mentioned that I ate a piece of chocolate cake before coming to class.  And guess what happened … after class I had more students come up and talk to me than ever before.

Intrigued by this concept, I would sprinkle in food-related topics or other surfacy information about my life while teaching and my student feedback during and after class doubled.

Fast-forward to the social media era, where skeptics over-use and abuse the expression “I don’t care what my friend ate for lunch,” as their primary reason for not jumping into the social media mix.  I’m here to call out a resounding BS.

In fact, prior to dreaming up this post, Saturday morning I wrote this in my Facebook status:

“Mmmmmm … Nothing says breakfast like leftover German chocolate cake.”

Seven comments, one phone call and three “likes” later, I’m here to tell you that people do care.

Whether a brand or a person representing his or her own brand, people want to connect with other people.  They appreciate people who talk to them, not at them; and who share tidbits about their lives making them real.

Social media is a fantastic way to exchange professional information, share tips, deals and tricks, and also to network.  But in “real life,” aren’t you more prone to give your business to the person that tells you about his or her children, summer vacation or latest bargain buy as he or she sells you the product or provides the service?

The same goes for social media.  Balance is key.  Like food, don’t over-indulge sharing every explicit detail of your personal life, but lob out information here and there that people can relate to, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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A Sprinkle

This has been a weekend of old friends.

My second oldest friend Molly, aka “The Beast,” was in town visiting from Northern California.  We only get to see her about once per year, so we wanted to get together with her.  Molly is pregnant with her second daughter.  Since it is her second, she didn’t want a full-fledged baby shower, so instead I hosted her, what Christine calls, a “sprinkle.”

Mama Beast

Being not totally girly, I can usually leave or take traditional baby showers, so this sprinkle may have turned into my favorite of all female traditions.   Six ladies and four kids came over, including Molly and her first daughter, on Friday night.  We sat outside chatted, ate dinner and cake and just hung out.  Rather than the ooohs and aaaahs that come along with each individual gift opening, we traded that for a folded up print out  of a car seat that we all chipped in for inside a card.   And that was it.  Three hours later, every one went home and I got to hang out with Molly for some one-on-one time.

Sprinkles are a great way to celebrate your friend’s exciting life steps in a less formal way.

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What a Girls’ Weekend Looks Like at 30

Two of my oldest friends, Laura and Christine, and I went away for a girls’ night to Palm Springs yesterday.  Being that the three of us met our freshman year at San Diego State it is fair to say that we’ve seen each other through a lot of different phases in our lives (happy, sad, stupid, smart, sober, drunk … and everything in between).


Christine is married with a 22-month-old daughter, I’m married with two dogs, and Laura is dating.  These variations in our lives don’t make a bit of difference.  We all get along as well as we did when we first met eleven years ago.

I’ve racked up major Hilton points so we got a “comped” room at the Palm Springs Hilton for the night.  When I arrived, Laura and Christine had been at the pool for about two hours already – cocktails in tow.  Still being as cheap as I was in college, we brought our own liquor and mixed drinks in our room.  We stayed at the pool for another two or three hours, making friends with the other vacationers and college kids there on spring break.

Hotel Pool

Around 5, we head up to the room to prep for dinner.  More cocktails, a shower and some war paint, and we were off to Las Consuelas for some Mexican food.  Dinner ends, we come back to our room; call the husbands and then – bed.  Yep.  Bed at 8:45 p.m.  Such wild women.

Christine – forever the degenerate gambler of the group – is up at 7:30 a.m. and off to the casino across the street for some black jack, where she hustles and gets us three free breakfast buffets.  Laura and I roll over at 9, pig out and then leave Christine for more gaming.  I am on the road by 10:45 to head home and Laura goes back to bed.

We are a mere shadow of the women we were when we first met, but we get along just the same.  Old friends never change.  And while what we consider a good time changes a bit, it is still just as fun.

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Chip Bag for the Compost Pile

I recycle and compost, but I am sure there are a lot more things I could be doing to save the environment … like eating Sun Chips.  

You’ve likely seen the commercials for the new Sun Chips bag that is completely biodegradable.  If not, visit this site.

Starting April 22, 2010 – Earth Day – Sun Chips will come in a 100 percent compostable bag that breaks down completely after just 14 weeks in a hot compost bin.

The new SunChip bag’s outer layer is made with polyactic acid (PLA), a compostable, plant-based renewable material. By Earth Day, all North American SunChips bags will feature the compostable packaging, which is expected to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Next time you have to chose between Doritos and Sun Chips, do the earth a favor and go with Sun Chips.


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Running Sale

We have literally run our running shoes into the ground over the past 18 months.  But if you’re a runner, you know that a good pair of running shoes can make a world of difference, and can also cost a pretty penny.

We randomly stumbled upon the Roadrunner Sports spring training clearance sales today.  If you think you might need new shoes in the next six months, hit this sale up.

All of their clearance items are on sale, and they have racks full of shoes that people wore once and returned because they didn’t fit well. 

We were able to get two pairs excellent-quality running shoes for less than $100.  And even though I shopped clearance, I still got pink shoes, so you know they aren’t putting the bottom of the barrel out on clearance. 

The more you buy, the more you save.

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Hacienda de las Rosas

Old Town San Diego is known for its Mexican food and historic charm, but little did I know in addition to margaritas there is a winery’s tasting room in the middle of the Fiesta de Reyes plaza.  The tasting room is owned by the Hacienda de las Rosas winery in Ramona.

Vintners William Holzhauer and Tammy Rimes started the winery in 1998. Over the years, they have planted the vineyards, built the horse facilities, developed a breeding program and constructed a winery where they embrace the essence of Spanish wine making traditions, making Old Town San Diego a perfect venue for their tasting room.

The tasting room is comfortable and the staff are knowledgeable about wine and Old Town history, as well.  If you’re strolling through the park, five tastes are only $10.  Give them a shot.

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The Future of Publishing

If you’re a professional marketer or communicator, when you watch the first half of this video, you might want to throw in the towel completely.  The second half comes full circle and succinctly explains the changes in media today.  There’s hope!

A truly brilliant piece.   Watch it here.

Turn up your volume and watch the entire thing.  It will blow your mind.

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