Breakfast Re-Wrapped

Breakfast food is my favorite; I eat it any time of the day.  And recently, I did just that. 

Today I rolled through the Jack in the Box drive-thru with my mom as she stopped for a soda. The sign advertising the new breakfast pita caught my eye.  Naturally, I had to try it.  Who cares that it was 3 p.m.?

This is my first time eating eggs and a pita at the same time.  Good stuff.  The breakfast pita comes with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, ham and bacon.  I ordered mine sans meat, so it was just pita, egg and cheese. Quite delicious.  The eggs were fluffy and were stuffed to the brim of the pita; the cheese was plentiful and evenly woven throughout the eggs. 

The pita really enables you to enjoy the ingredients without the traditional over-powering bread.  And carb counters can smile about less carb consumption with the pita bread over sourdough or croissants.  At less than $3 this breakfast pita is worth a try.


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