Sensory Overload: Kooza

Yesterday was the second-to-last day that my mom is in town. I am always so grateful to have her here, that I wanted to do something special to express my appreciation.  What great timing that Cirque du Soliel’s Kooza is in town at the Del Mar Fairgrounds? 

The Big Top at Del Mar Fairgrounds


We were lucky to get tickets just five days before the show.  Not wanting to spend a bushel of money, I got the second-to-cheapest tickets and hoped for the best.  This is the second time I’ve seen a Cirque show at Del Mar, and what I failed to recall is that the big top is relatively small and there really isn’t a bad seat in the house.  

What I did not forget is that Cirque is totally indescribable – something everyone should see at least once in their life.  Kooza did not disappoint.  In fact, I liked Kooza much more than Corteo in 2007.  

If you know anything about Cirque shows, you know that you are in to see feats of human strength, flexibility, and talent far beyond what you know to be possible.  Kooza offered all that and more.  There are integral facets of the show that we often don’t hear about that really make it overall sensory delight: 

  • Music – the music is a compilation of a variety of languages – the only of which I understood was English. The acts were perfectly choreographed with the cadence of the music.  The rhythm was heavy on drum beats and horns.  Each note crept inside my soul and moved me emotionally.
  • Singer – every vocal was sung by one solo singer whose voice was so powerful that it carried the entire show. From far away she looked beautiful and moved along with her songs in a memorizing way.  Even with performers displaying unbelievable talents before my eyes I had a hard time not being distracted by her moves and sounds.  After writing this post, I’m going to buy the CD online.  It was that good.
  • Costumes – The music often had a Middle Eastern feel to it and the costumes reflected the same.  The intricate costume design had feathers, shells, fur, jewels. The colors were strong reds, burgundy, gold and aqua blue.  Many of the artists appeared to be wearing masks, but in fact it was beautiful make-up complementing the clothing design.
  • Lighting – The lighting was timed perfectly with drum beats and it flashed on strongly to perfectly impact the moment.  It created an atmosphere of wonder and mystique and transported us into the world of Kooza.

What has blown my mind each time about Cirque is that the shows  completely stretch the mind beyond limits you believed possible.  It grasps your emotions and sucks you in to the point of total dumbfoundment.   

If you have the opportunity to go see Kooza while it is in town, take advantage of it.  It is worth every penny.  If you need more coaxing, watch the trailer here.


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