Chip Bag for the Compost Pile

I recycle and compost, but I am sure there are a lot more things I could be doing to save the environment … like eating Sun Chips.  

You’ve likely seen the commercials for the new Sun Chips bag that is completely biodegradable.  If not, visit this site.

Starting April 22, 2010 – Earth Day – Sun Chips will come in a 100 percent compostable bag that breaks down completely after just 14 weeks in a hot compost bin.

The new SunChip bag’s outer layer is made with polyactic acid (PLA), a compostable, plant-based renewable material. By Earth Day, all North American SunChips bags will feature the compostable packaging, which is expected to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Next time you have to chose between Doritos and Sun Chips, do the earth a favor and go with Sun Chips.


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4 responses to “Chip Bag for the Compost Pile

  1. Love it, but it’s hands down also the LOUDEST bag on the planet!

  2. Angie, thanks for the kind words about our new 100 percent compostable SunChips bags! As far as your concerns for the rest of the Frito-Lay brands, we are introducing this transformational 100% compostable packaging first for SunChips. When manufacturing of this new compostable packaging reaches full scale, we can explore how other Frito-Lay brands – like Doritos – can begin to utilize the new packaging as well. Frito-Lay is committed to minimizing impact on the environment and reducing the resources needed to make our products, so stay tuned!

    • Hey – thanks for writing back. I’m really excited about the new bag. Sunchips are my favorite any way … so it makes them that much better that I can put the bag in my compost bin.

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