A Sprinkle

This has been a weekend of old friends.

My second oldest friend Molly, aka “The Beast,” was in town visiting from Northern California.  We only get to see her about once per year, so we wanted to get together with her.  Molly is pregnant with her second daughter.  Since it is her second, she didn’t want a full-fledged baby shower, so instead I hosted her, what Christine calls, a “sprinkle.”

Mama Beast

Being not totally girly, I can usually leave or take traditional baby showers, so this sprinkle may have turned into my favorite of all female traditions.   Six ladies and four kids came over, including Molly and her first daughter, on Friday night.  We sat outside chatted, ate dinner and cake and just hung out.  Rather than the ooohs and aaaahs that come along with each individual gift opening, we traded that for a folded up print out  of a car seat that we all chipped in for inside a card.   And that was it.  Three hours later, every one went home and I got to hang out with Molly for some one-on-one time.

Sprinkles are a great way to celebrate your friend’s exciting life steps in a less formal way.

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  1. Awww:) thats a cute idea. My baby shower was more family o

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