Easter in the ‘Saw

I’m so behind on blogging … mainly because I went out of town to spend Easter in Arkansas and have been scrambling to catch up ever since.

Mom and Uncle Mike

L to R: Mike, Scott and Charlie Fishing

L to R: Mike, Scott and Charlie Fishing

My mom and step-dad Charlie live in Arkansas, and my great uncle Jim and great aunt Mona live about an hour north of them in Missouri.  Scott, my uncle Mike and Aunt Brandi, and I spent about five days visiting with them and their friends.  It was a truly great time.

What did we do?  Well, the question is – what didn’t we do?

Scott Relaxing on the Dock

  • ate
  • laughed
  • shopped
  • watched a University of Arkansas baseball game
  • boating
  • fishing
  • golfing
  • relaxed
  • shopped
  • ate some more
  • laughed some more

L to R: Me, Aunt Mona, Mom, Aunt Brandi Tailgating

Californian’s sneer when they hear about visiting Arkansas, but it is truly a beautiful state full of friendly people, nature and good food.



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2 responses to “Easter in the ‘Saw

  1. Debbie

    It was the highlight of 2010 thus far to have my family come and visit us. I was so proud to show off my new digs. I found the beauty of Arkansas exceptional, the peaceful surrounding and down to earth good people. I was even more proud to show off my family. As Angie stated above we did eat a lot, laughed our heads off and spent our time together doing fun things. Thanks family for coming to visit. Ya’all come back now……real soon. Love, mom (deb)

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