Villa Capri

Scott and I once spent a day on the beautiful island of Capri in the southern part of Italy.  Aside from the flocks of tourists that go there in summertime, it is a place I could see myself living out my days.  

Unfortunately, I don’t see my bank roll growing enough any time soon to become a resident of Capri, so we recently discovered a way to enjoy a piece of it right here in good ol’ San Diego.

Scott celebrated his 34th birthday yesterday so we wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate.  Usually when we go out, we gravitate to places where we have coupons or discount offers – and birthdays are much of the same.  Thumbing through our gift certificates, we found one for Villa Capri 2 and opted to go to it since it is close to our house.  It turned out to be a fantastic choice.

Villa Capri captures a lot of the same flavors from the southern region of Italy – seafood, lemon, capers, chicken dishes.  I had some of the best shrimp scampi ever and Scott thoroughly enjoyed his chicken picata.  Unlike many wannabe Italian joints, this place did not serve a heaping side of pasta along with the dishes.

Instead, it came with a side of perfectly cooked vegetables.

The restaurant has a cozy, yet modern Italian feel.  The prices are moderate-to-high for Italian food, but with a gift certificate, you can get out of there at a very reasonable fee.

We had the pleasure of dining at Villa Capri 2, but the original is just down the road in Carmel Valley if that is more convenient.



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2 responses to “Villa Capri

  1. Debbie

    It sounds wonderful. We will have to go there next time I am in SD. xoxo

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