That’s the Life

If I die I want to come back as a dog that lives in one of those giant and beautiful houses across the street from the Coronado Dog Beach.  That would be the life.

I swear there are many non-dog-friendly beaches in town that are less well-kept and beautiful than the Coronado Dog Beach.

I'm pretty sure Gary is smiling

When you go, you find dogs of all shapes and sizes running, playing and frolicking in the surf.  What is amazing is that while you see hundreds of dogs, you rarely see a fight.  It is as if the dogs enter a bite-free zone when they step onto the sand.  The people are nicer at the dog beach than they are at other beaches too.  I think it would be difficult to go to that beach and not say one word to a total stranger.  Every one is friendly.

Screw the Prozac, next time you’re feeling blue, grab a pup and head to Coronado.  It will cure what ails you.


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