Curtis Winery

A trip to Santa Ynez valley is not complete without at least one stop at a winery to taste the local faire.  Being that we ran the half marathon in the morning and only had 1.5 hours of sleep the night before due to a very late arrival in the valley, we had to go back to our hotel post-race for a nap.

In the back tasting room at Curtis Winery

Once we woke up, prettied up and got on the road, it was pushing 5 o’clock.  Something you should know about the Santa Ynez valley is that there aren’t many places open past dark.  Rookie mistake on our part. 

We hit the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail a little too late and the first two places we stopped at were no longer pouring. Fortunately, when we arrived at Curtis Winery, they were open until 5:30 p.m. and happily let us in.

Peter's Dog

Curtis Winery is a beautifully modern establishment with a warm and cozy feel.  When you purchase a tasting, you don’t chose what you want to try, they automatically go down the list of six excellent options, starting with three whites. 

The winery is known for its Rhône-style wines grown right in the Santa Ynez Valley.  While I thoroughly enjoyed all of the tastes, my first favorite part of the winery was the wine pourer Peter’s adorable little dog who greeted guests, gave them kisses and followed his dad no matter where he went.

My second favorite part were the chocolate truffles for sale that complimented the red wines perfectly. 

With that many wineries on the trail, it is really becomes the little things that make a difference.  Curtis Winery is a fantastic stop on any tour.


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