Local Approved: Paula’s Pancake House

When traveling, it is smart to ask a local for recommendations on restaurants that are off the beaten, tourist path.  On our last visit to the Santa Ynez valley, we did just that when looking for a breakfast spot.  The local told us to go to Paula’s Pancake House – hands down.  And so we did. And he was right.  It was great.

The thing about Paula’s Pancake House is that it is not a secret of the locals nor is it off the beaten path.  It is right on the main drag of Solvang and the line is out the door to get in. 

Nevertheless, knowing that we were in for a long wait, we went to Paula’s again this Sunday morning for breakfast.  Forty-five minutes after putting our name in for a table, we were seated on the flower-trimmed patio and served excellent home-cooked breakfast once again.

Scott on Paula's Patio

As one might assume from the name, Paula’s Pancake House is famous for its light and fluffy Danish pancakes. These pancakes are so big they lop over the sides of the plate when served.  Scott doesn’t care for pancakes and I don’t eat anything with syrup post-shower, so we’ve never actually tried them, but they look good from afar. 

We have always gotten egg dishes with Danish sausage, chicken fried steak or hash browns.  All non-pancake breakfasts come with one of the lightest and most delicious home-style biscuits I’ve ever had.

My California Omelette Breakfast

There is nothing fancy about Paula’s Pancake House, but the food speaks for itself.  The wait is not a big deal because there are many little shops and things to check out in town walking distance from the restaurant.

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