Wandering Dog Wine Bar

Freshly napped and ready to go, we drove through Solvang to see where we could stop for an after dinner drink.  Like I mentioned before, when the sun goes down in the Santa Ynez valley, the options are limited.  We parked and walked into a liquor store to ask the clerk for recommendations, but all he knew of was the bar at a Chinese Restaurant.  That did not appeal.

You can see behind me how cute it is inside.

Nearly giving up, we got back in our car to head to the hotel when we passed by something lit-up, alive and perfect: The Wandering Dog Wine Bar.  U-Turn and we’re in. 

The Wandering Dog Wine Bar literally – like two weeks ago – was granted a permit to stay open until 10 p.m.  The owners doubled as the wine pourers and were a very friendly husband and wife duo, named CT and Jody.  Of course their family was rounded out by their own “wandering dog” Lucy who was a little under-the-weather that night but still doing her job tending to the bar.

The couple was well-traveled and very knowledgeable about wine – but not so much that they came across stuffy.  The wine bar is cute, clean and has art and photography from local artists hanging on the walls.

The Wandering Dog Wine Bar offers a very affordable wine club and also hosts many wine-related events throughout the year.  We didn’t sign up for any, but did leave with that cute gray tank top that you see hanging on the wall in the background of this picture.

CT and Jody also offered another great tip related to their location … In the morning if you are waiting hours for breakfast at Paula’s Pancake House, order the food to go and bring it next door to the Wandering Dog Wine Bar to eat with some champagne. 

More on Paula’s in the next post; however, if you’re in Solvang don’t miss a chance to stop at the Wandering Dog.



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3 responses to “Wandering Dog Wine Bar

  1. Place looks awesome. Tati and I love us some wine. I especially like the guy waving in the background. Good job on the half marathon by the way!!

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