Firestone Walker Brewery

A few things seem abundant in the Santa Ynez valley, namely grapes and the Firestone family.  Yes, the Firestone tire people … or more recently Andrew Firestone of  The Bachelor.

Not only do they hold a big stake in the wine industry of the region, but they also have “hopped” into the beer market with the Firestone Walker Brewery. The Brewery, located just off the 101 freeway in Buellton is a working brewery that brews nearly a dozen beers on site. 

The beers range from pale to very dark.  We stopped in for a late night snack  on the way to our hotel and were swayed to try the sampler of the top four beers on the list.  Very good.

Unfortunately, we were too late so the kitchen was closed, but they did feed us a bowl of pretzels with mustard, which hit the spot.  The menu looked really good.  Typical brewery food.

If you’re in the Santa Ynez and have had your fill of wine, Firestone Walker offers an excellent alternative at a great price.


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