Ladies Night Pink Drink

A few friends and I hosted a ladies night party yesterday. To make it really girly, we concocted a pink cocktail.  It turned out to be very delicious and pretty low calorie (as far as cocktails go) too.  


  • 1 part raspberry vodka
  • 2 parts light ruby-red grapefruit juice
  • 2 parts diet 7 Up (this can vary depending on desired fizziness)
  • sliced strawberries

Warning … it doesn’t taste like alcohol at all so it is easy to drink quickly.

This would be great for baby or bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or just a night with the girls.  Enjoy!


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2 responses to “Ladies Night Pink Drink

  1. Ooooh, this sounds delicious! We need to join forces here on the pink drink front. We’re long overdue for a Pink Drink of the Month…

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