I’m Walking for Arthritis

I guess since this is my blog, it is OK for me to let you know what I’m up to and how you can donate to a cause, right?

Well … here it goes:

As many of you know, I have had a long-standing relationship with the San Diego Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation.  No, I do not have arthritis, nor does any member of my immediate family.  However, through my volunteer efforts, I have come to learn a lot about the disease and met many amazing people who live with the disease – some more easily than others.

Did you know that arthritis is THE LEADING CAUSE OF DISABILITY in America?  Did you know that arthritis affects more than 3500 children in San Diego and Imperial Counties alone?

What I have come to learn is that arthritis takes on more than 100 different forms, including lupus, gout and rheumatoid arthritis. It touches us all in some way … at all ages. It is not an inevitable disease, nor is it one that only impacts the elderly.

These people have touched my heart in many ways so this year I have decided to join a team for the Arthritis Walk on June 5 to help give back.   Please consider donating to this very worthwhile cause.  Even if it is $1 … anything helps!

To make a donation, please visit my personal page.  I have a goal of $1,000.

All of my donors will be recognized right here on my blog!  So far I can thank:

  • Debbie Ketaily
  • Rylan Bowers
  • JP Garcia
  • Robyn Simon
  • Bonnie Nicholls
  • Gary and Patrick Robert (my dogs)

If you would like to see just how your donation will impact the people in our community, watch this video from NBC San Diego about the Juvenile Arthritis Camp, held each July in Julian, hosted by the San Diego Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation.

I sincerely appreciate your support.

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