Applegate Zoo

For years I’ve been coming to Merced and driving past the Applegate Zoo.  For years  Scott has been telling me how the Applegate Zoo is terrible and showcases nothing more than a Lhasa Apso in its natural environment (i.e. a couch).  I’ve never met a zoo I didn’t like, and I like to go to zoos every where I go – I’ve even been to the zoo in Barcelona.

Last time I saw my in-laws I mentioned to them how I’ve been dying to go to the Applegate Zoo for seven years.  They echoed Scott’s sentiments about the lack of exotic animals at the zoo, but agreed to take me regardless.  Today we visited the zoo.  It was fantastic … even the resident Mercedians thought so.  Granted, it was a small zoo, but it was well-kept and a pure delight. As with most of my animal postings, this story is best told in pictures.  Enjoy.

Applegate Zoo Entry

Very affordable entry

Pacing cougar

Curious raccoon

Hard to see, but a peacock with fully fanned-out tail feathers

This swan loved the shower

Sleepy bear

Lunch time for the monkeys



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7 responses to “Applegate Zoo

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  2. Debbie

    Love the raccoon.

  3. matt

    It looks real nice- I may not renew the SD zoo membership this year, but instead opt for Applegate.

  4. Papa D

    I’d often heard fantastic stories about the Merced Zoo, but I figured it was just more urban legend. Wow! It’s for real! Prpbably the best zoo in the history of zoos.

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