The Pig

Another Merced hot spot that has always caught my eye is The Pig.  It is actually called “The BBQ Pit” but the restaurant’s main icon is the giant pig statue that greets guests and lures them in from G street, hence the reason my family calls it “The Pig.”

Today we went there for breakfast.  The Pig serves food all day and is known for their excellent BBQ, particularly the ribs. Regardless, breakfast was no disappointment.  The Pig is decorated in red and white, with Coca Cola pictures on the wall and a jute box in the corner.  It looks like a diner you’d see in the 50’s with a stainless steel-trimmed soda fountain up front.

Dave and Pam

I ordered the Spanish omelette with home fries and fruit.  Dave ordered eggs and bacon that came with a side of pancakes and strawberries.  The pancakes looked amazing.  Scott and Pam had eggs, hash browns and sausage with a side of biscuits with gravy.  I am pretty sure that the biscuits and gravy are the money-makers for The Pig during breakfast.  They looked so good.

Our waitress, Katie, was friendly and prompt.  None of our meals were more than $7 each.  If you’re ever driving up the 99 freeway through Merced, do yourself a favor and stop off at The Pig for a bite to eat.

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