Walking for Those Who Can’t

Scott, the GEICO Gecko, and me

2010 Arthritis Walk Chair: Marie Smith

This morning the San Diego Area Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation hosted its annual Arthritis Walk.  And boy did they do one heck of a job; they didn’t miss a detail.  I must commend my friends Andrea Muir, Sandra Hayhurst, Tina Lorimer, Marie Smith and the rest of the amazing volunteers for another job well done.

This event is so much more than a walk to benefit those with arthritis, it is a chance to connect with good people in the community, it’s a carnival for the kids, it is a recognition of local commerce and medical science.  And really … it is just plain fun.

Thousands of people come out to the event and many great local companies are represented, including Wal-Mart, GEICO, Amylin, Leash Your Fitness and more.  The fund-raising goal this year is $250,000 and they were already half way there before the event even started today.

The Women Responsible for Making the Walk Happen: LaDonna Harvey and Andrea Muir

I am confident they can reach their goal.

Highlights of the event for me, included my husband, Scott, dressing as the GEICO Gecko on behalf of his GEICO team at work, the mariachi band along the walk route, the drum team at mile one, the great display of community and volunteerism and seeing people have fun in the name of a good cause.  Mostly, what inspired was walking the course and seeing people nearly crippled with arthritis still plugging away with determination to get the walk done.

A big thanks to the Arthritis Foundation and to all of you who donated to the cause through my personal page.


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3 responses to “Walking for Those Who Can’t

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  2. Andrea

    Thanks Angie! It was so fun having Scott as the Gecko….

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