Cozymel’s Salads

My dad was in town briefly yesterday afternoon and I had the chance to get together with him for a late-lunch/early-dinner.

We met at Cozymel’s in UTC. Maybe because summer is here, they have added many new fantastic salads to their menu. I had the shrimp salad, which has sautéed shrimp served over mixed greens with cheese, tomatoes, avocado and caramelized poblano peppers and onions; tossed in cilantro-lime vinaigrette.

Dad had the beef fajita salad, which is tossed in chipotle-ranch dressing and topped with grilled marinated beef, tomatoes, avocados, caramelized poblano peppers and onions, cheese and crispy tortilla strips.

Other salads that sound delicious to me are the ahi tuna spinach salad and the grilled chicken salad.

No matter what you get at Cozymel’s, it is hard to go wrong. I’ve never had a bad meal.


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