Gotta Love Americana

What’s not to love about Americana – football, Applebee’s, rock n’ roll?  Because of this love, we opted to have lunch at the Americana Cafe in Del Mar. 

This little cafe has long intrigued me, as for the past three years we have walked through its patio on the Breast Cancer 3 Day route.  Patrons would sit on the patio with their dogs and cheer us on. 

Rather than walking through, this time we stopped in to sit and eat.  We had the dogs with us, so we sat on the patio where other patrons were very keen to having four-legged friends in the mix. 

Scott, a self-proclaimed chicken salad connoisseur, had the chicken salad sandwich and was quite pleased.  I had the salmon on a bed of spinach.  It was cooked perfectly – slightly rare on the inside with a natural crust on the outside. 

The staff was friendly and the ambiance – inside and out – was charming.  They serve breakfast until 3 p.m. and have an excellent three-course prix fix menu  at dinner time for $30 per person five days a week that comes with a glass of wine.



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