Sushi Deli 3

I have enjoyed a 4×4 at Sushi Deli 1 and Sushi Deli 2, but not at Sushi Deli 3 – until today. A 4×4 has nothing to do with a truck or picture frame, it is simply four pieces of four different sushi rolls (for only $7.99). 

While I usually order the 4×4 at the Sushi Delis, the menu is extensive and the food is all really good and fresh.

4x4: Rainbow, Caterpillar, Spicy Tuna and Crunchy Rolls

Sushi Deli 3 is in Kearney Mesa and despite the typically un-hip nature of the area,  I’m pretty sure it is the hippest of all in the franchise.  Sushi Deli 3 has a nice patio, a unique sign, cool art on the red walls and trendy music playing in the background. 

It lives off the beaten path on Armour Drive between  Mercury Road and Convoy Street.

The Only Way You Know it is There is by the Sign in the Air.

Sushi Deli 3’s nearly invisible location has clearly done it no detriment because come lunchtime the place fills up and has a line out the door. 

I’ve never been there for dinner, but they boast many great happy hour specials and a full menu in the evenings.



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2 responses to “Sushi Deli 3

  1. I had several of their happy hour specials last night. Crazy Special for $4.50 and then $6.50 after that.

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