A Trip to the Doggie ER

No one ever wants to have to go to the emergency room, whether for a human or an animal.  Last night we had to go.

When I got home my elderly wiener dog Gary had a terrible limp and was whimpering in severe pain.  We checked his paw for glass or a splinter and his leg for a tender area, but couldn’t find a thing. 

 Being new to the 15 corridor area, our primary vet is still in Bay Park and we have never gone to an ER by our new house.  On the Internet we relied. 

Gary resting at home on his new orthopedic aero bed for dogs.

The first place that popped up when we did a search was the Poway Animal Emergency Clinic.  So off we went.

It turns out that Gary has a bulging or ruptured disk in his neck; I’ll get the full details after we visit our primary vet for radiology this afternoon. 

But I am writing this post to tell you about the Poway Animal Emergency Clinic as it was a wonderful place and one I would recommend if you ever have a situation arise like we did. 

They are located on Poway Road near Carriage Drive.  The office is clean and the staff is friendly and attentive.  They are opened from 5 p.m. through the night.  Our vet communicated with Gary better than any other vet I’ve seen.  She sat down on the floor with him and let him get comfortable with her before she began treating him.  She spent the entire appointment sitting on the floor.  Gary was very receptive to her because of it.

She took plenty of time with us explaining what was going on, our options, the costs associated with treatment and the next steps.  The staff gave us an estimate of fees so we knew what to expect.  The prices were very reasonable. When I called our primary vet this morning they had already received a full report from the ER clinic before 8 a.m.

I hope we don’t ever have to visit the animal ER again, but if we do I will trust the Poway Animal Emergency Clinic with my dogs’ care in a heartbeat … and you should too.



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6 responses to “A Trip to the Doggie ER

  1. Andrea

    Poor Gary…but Poway Animal Hospital is the absolute best! My brother took his gold retriever puppy there when he ate a rock….they saved his life!

    Get better little Gary!

  2. Debbie

    Dear G and parents,

    Sounds like you were your usual brave self. The Dr. will fix you up in no time. Your sweet attitude will get you healed up in no time. Grammie loves you

  3. I’m so sorry to hear all this! I’ve made far too many of these trips over the years and even with a good outcome they’re harrowing. I’ve had good experiences at the Poway ER; also Animal Specialty ER on Kearny Mesa Rd. at I-163. The gold standard is Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Sorrento Valley, with a 24/7 ER. If the situation isn’t life and death it’s worth a few extra minutes drive there.

    Pet owners, it’s smart to find out where your closest veterinary ER in advance, and even to swing by sometime when it’s NOT an emergency so you aren’t frantically trying to find your way when you’ve got to act fast.

    • Thanks, Gayle. Those are great tips. I didn’t even think to call you when this was all going down. Too frantic. But now I have your recommendations in writing here forever. 🙂 I appreciate it!

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