My first test of the blogging waters started with a blog on trail mix. It was so much fun that I got hooked.  People that know me well know that I won’t tell you any thing about my life that I consider personal or semi-important, but I’ll talk you everything about life in general or my day-to-day activity.   

I’m a professional communicator by trade, so naturally I can’t shut up.  I’ve started a few blogs on communications tactics, and while they still exist, they don’t cast a wide enough net to fill my overall blogging desires.  Enter Confessions of a (Type) A.  

Angie Robert

Why the parenthetical (type) you ask?  My name is Angie.  I’m an “A” through and through.  Do not be confused by the term “type A.”  There are many types of type A’s.  I am NOT the detail-oriented perfectionist type A.  I fill the type A quota of those who go, go, go; do, do , do; and can’t stop, stop, stop.  Got it?  

Maybe you care about where I go and what I do, or maybe you don’t.  Either way, that is fine by me.  No pressure to read or comment whatsoever. 

I am always on the go, can’t sit still and won’t stop talking.  I’m not trying to make money of f this blog; I just like to share.  Blogging is therapeutic for me and it makes me feel like I’m helping people out by sharing my experiences and stories (though that could just be a narcissistic illusion). 

Thanks for reading.  You’re lots of fun.

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