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Why We Are No Longer Friends On Facebook

Why We Are No Longer Friends On Facebook.

This is an entertaining and very relavant post from Kyle Flaherty on Dance with Strangers


Source: Steve Lindsley

Dear My Former Facebook Friend or FBF,

Privacy is important, or at least it should be, but unfortunately most people ignore their role in this tale. On the other end of the spectrum we have an organization like Facebook that has decided that privacy is the least of their problems and they are going to exploit an inherent weakness in people: Online Privacy Ignorance.

Full story here.

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Get Your Groupon

Since most of you are Internet savvy enough to be reading blogs, you likely already know about the Groupon phenomenon.  In fact, you may have even told me about it. 

However, if you are not in the know, you should be. Check it out here.   It offers great savings. 

How It Works

  1. Each day we feature something cool to do at an unbeatable price.
  2. You only get it if enough people join that day… so invite your friends!
  3. Check back the next day for another awesome Groupon!

(Source: Groupon)

Today I got Scott two rounds of golf for $28.  That is a steal.  Happy savings!

Note: I should add, that even if you’re not in San Diego, they likely have one for your city.  You can search on the site.

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San Diego’s Best Alternative Exercise Studio

I have been fortunate enough to teach for Leash Your Fitness for the past year.  It is such a cool concept – boot camp classes with people and their dogs.  It is mostly a workout class, but it also teaches dogs obedience and really tires them out.

They are starting to grow in popularity in San Diego and are now up for Best Alternative Exercise Studio in‘s annual Best Of Awards.

If you like the concept … vote for them here.  Once you’ve done that, join me in class some time soon.  I teach in Rancho Penasquitos on Tuesday nights and in Poway on Thursdays.  If those days or locations don’t work for you, they have classes all around the county.  Check the site for times and locations.  Your first class is free.


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Walking for Those Who Can’t

Scott, the GEICO Gecko, and me

2010 Arthritis Walk Chair: Marie Smith

This morning the San Diego Area Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation hosted its annual Arthritis Walk.  And boy did they do one heck of a job; they didn’t miss a detail.  I must commend my friends Andrea Muir, Sandra Hayhurst, Tina Lorimer, Marie Smith and the rest of the amazing volunteers for another job well done.

This event is so much more than a walk to benefit those with arthritis, it is a chance to connect with good people in the community, it’s a carnival for the kids, it is a recognition of local commerce and medical science.  And really … it is just plain fun.

Thousands of people come out to the event and many great local companies are represented, including Wal-Mart, GEICO, Amylin, Leash Your Fitness and more.  The fund-raising goal this year is $250,000 and they were already half way there before the event even started today.

The Women Responsible for Making the Walk Happen: LaDonna Harvey and Andrea Muir

I am confident they can reach their goal.

Highlights of the event for me, included my husband, Scott, dressing as the GEICO Gecko on behalf of his GEICO team at work, the mariachi band along the walk route, the drum team at mile one, the great display of community and volunteerism and seeing people have fun in the name of a good cause.  Mostly, what inspired was walking the course and seeing people nearly crippled with arthritis still plugging away with determination to get the walk done.

A big thanks to the Arthritis Foundation and to all of you who donated to the cause through my personal page.


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I Really Messed My Blog Up … Help

Type A ... #FAIL

I’ll never claim to be a tech guru … and by the looks of my blog, I bet you believe me.  In an attempt to create a look of my own on WordPress, I really messed things up.  Old posts are showing up as front-page headers.  My graphics are askew. Content is not transferring.

Help!  I’ll be happy to give you MAJOR props on the blog if you so desire.  🙂

Any tips, suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


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Bike to Work, San Diego

For those of us looking to reduce our carbon footprint, the San Diego community is giving us a great opportunity tomorrow – Bike to Work Day.

This could be you!

It is exactly what it sounds like … on this day you walk out the door without your car keys and hop on your bike to get to work.  In addition to getting a new perspective on your commute, you also have the chance to get a T-shirt and win great prizes.

Details below:

Use some pedal power and join thousands of San Diegans on Friday, May 21, 2010, for Bike to Work Day!  A nationally recognized event, Bike to Work Day supports bicycling as a viable, environmentally-friendly commute choice. The event occurs annually on the third Friday of May, which is National Bike Month. Register now!

In 2009, 5,000 San Diego region participants navigated their commute on two wheels. If you are interested in trying a commute that can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, then check out iCommute to get the resources you need – how to get started, bike maps, and information on taking your bike on transit. It’s all right here!

Not sure if there is a good route for bikes from your home to workplace? Check out the San Diego Regional Bikeway Map. To help you along your ride, Bike to Work Day offers pit stops –  places where riders can pick up free water, a snack, and lots of encouragement! In 2009, there were a record 56 pit stop locations throughout the region. Find the best location along your route using the list of pit stops and Google maps. Watch this Today Show segment to see biking win in a Commuter Challenge!

Ready to ride? Registration is open! By registering in advance, you will receive a coupon for an official BTWD t-shirt*, and you will be entered into a drawing for valuable prizes! Prizes include spa gift certificates, a bicycle commuter pack, and an electric bicycle!

For the full details, click here.

Source: iCommuteSD


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Back in Phoenix

Any one that knows me, knows that I am an SDSU Aztec through and through.  I spent five (for shame) of the best years of my life at that school getting my under-grad degree in communications. 

What many people don’t know is that in addition to being an Aztec, “I am a Phoenix.”  I got my MBA in marketing through University of Phoenix a few years back … and what a tremendous experience it was?!

Over the last six months I made a new friend named Molly who is also a Phoenix … but even more so than me – she got her MBA through University of Phoenix and is also a professor there.  She recommended me to be a teacher as well.

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I sent in my application and went through the 4 1/2 hour interview process … and they accepted me.  Next thing you know I’m in a four-week faculty certification course, and assuming I pass that I’ll move on to a mentorship, or student-teaching program. 

This isn’t something I will do in lieu of my day job … this will be a supplement to it.  The don’t hire any one who isn’t working in the field that they will be teaching.  I will only teach one marketing, business or communications night class each week. 

My fingers are crossed that it all goes well. (Cross yours too for me, if you don’t mind.)

I had no idea what I was in for when I submitted my application, but every step – even the interview – has been great fun.  It reminds me of being back in my MBA program.  So it is fair to say that I am happy to be back in Phoenix.


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