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The Coolest Thing To Do in San Diego: Leash Your Fitness

Two of my favorite things to do are teaching aerobics and hanging out with my dogs, Gary and Patrick.  There is a company in San Diego that allows me to do both at once – Leash Your Fitness.  

Scott Getting Kisses from Patrick

Dogs Help with Push-Ups Too

I’m not just saying it because I work for them, I really do think that the concept of getting a legitimate work-out with your best furry friend by your side is just about the coolest thing to do here in town.  

The classes are boot-camp-style and combine endurance, agility, dog training, strength training, flexibility and stretching.  Students get a great work out, and so do the dogs.  Studies have shown that the best way to tire your dog out is to stimulate him mentally and physically, which is why all Leash Your Fitness classes incorporate dog commands into the exercises. 

Sit-ups: Debbie and her 1-year-old Great Dane Murphy

I have taught all types of dogs from Chihuahuas to great danes.  My wild wiener dogs have improved on their obedience since we’ve starting going/teaching, as well.  Before they had zero manners … now they have a few. 

If you have a dog and need to exercise, come join me Tuesday nights at Mission Bay Park at 6.  If that location isn’t convenient, there are also locations in Coronado, Carmel Valley and El Cajon.  The classes will be expanding to North County – both coastal and along the 15 corridor – in the next few months.

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