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Fantasy Football … One More Try

There are two schools of thought when you try and fail:

1. practice makes perfect; try, try again; patience is a virtue; OR

2. the definition of insanity is making the same mistake twice.

I’m not sure which camp I fall into in this particular situation, but for some reason every year I play fantasy football and each year I fail.

It started three or four years ago when some friends (mostly females) said they didn’t know much about fantasy football, but wanted to join a league. 

Being the over-planning type A that I am, I volunteered to set up a league and have filled the role of commissioner ever since.

When we first started, we deemed ourselves the NFL (Novice Fantasy Leaguers) since we were all rookies to the “sport.”  Since then, most of the participants have improved far beyond novice level … except me.

The best I ever did was 9th place, but most years I come in dead last. 

So why do I do it?  I LOVE to plan, program and coordinate.  But do I like football? Meh …

Most years I don’t even know who is on my fantasy team.  I swear my vision is not conducive to televised sports.  Thank God I have a husband who can tell me when to cheer for my players when they do something well.

All this said … if you have any (really easy) tips or tricks to at least put me in second-to-last place this year, your suggestions would be welcomed!

And so it begins all over again … we’re drafting at the end of August and regular season starts September 9. Go Wild Wiener Dogs (that’s my team name)!


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