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July 4 Jell-o

Who doesn’t love the traditional July 4 cake made with white frosting, blueberries and strawberries?  It is patriotic and delicious. 

If you’re looking to mix it up a bit, I have a fantastic dessert just for you.  It is good for kids and adults alike. Layered July 4 Jell-o. 

It must be made in clear – glass or plastic – serving dish.  Think trifle bowl, footed dessert dish or even condiment cups for outdoor events.

Fair warning, this dessert cannot be done in a quick amount of time.  Today is July 2.  If you want to have it ready for July 4, start now.


  • Water
  • Red jell-o (any flavor)
  • Blue jell-o (any flavor)
  • Clear jell-o (I had to use Knox gelatin brand because I couldn’t find clear Jell-o brand)
  • Optional: substitute part of the water with clear alcohol for adults only


Start with blue jell-o.  Make according to directions on box.  Pour layer in bottom of serving dish.  Be sure it covers at least 1/3 of the serving dish.  Put in the fridge immediately. Refrigerate overnight preferably, or at least until jell-o is completely set.

Next make the clear jell-o per package instructions.  Before pouring on top of blue layer, add ice until the mixture is at least room temperature.  Once it has cooled, then pour equal layer over blue and put in fridge immediately.  Leave in fridge until it has gelled. 

The clear layer is hard to see on top of the blue layer.  But don’t worry, it will show up once you put the red on top. 

Make red jell-o per package instructions.  Add ice to mixture.  Once it has cooled, pour on top of the blue and clear layer.  Place in fridge immediately. 

Do not serve until the red layer has completely set.  Top with whipped cream and serve.

Happy Fourth of July!


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