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The Window Factory

Windows aren’t something you buy everyday.  In fact this was our first time buying them.  But I’m pleased to report we had a very pleasant experience. 

We had three guys over to give us estimates.  The first was from a big, orange powerhouse who didn’t really feel he had to work for our business or compete on pricing because of his company’s size.  The second was your typical “I’m not one of those sales guys who hard sells” sales guys; and of course he hard sold … but never followed up.  The third, Kevin from The Window Factory, was kind over the phone and in person, called before to confirm, called after to follow up and made us feel very comfortable.  Plus his prices blew the competition out of the water. 

Naturally, The Window Factory won our business.  Our windows were installed today.  We are so pleased.  Not only do they look great, but also the guys who installed them were polite, respectful, took the time to explain the job and worked fast.

From start-to-finish, The Window Factory made us very happy customers.  I doubt we’ll need new windows any time soon, but if you do, you should definitely keep them in mind.


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