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St. Germain’s Cafe

My friend Stacey Ross, aka San Diego Bargain Mama, has been telling me all about Yappy Hour at St. Germain’s Cafe in downtown Encinitas.  Scott and I finally made it out there on Friday night.  The owner, Roy Salameh, has done a fantastic job creating a delicious menu and warm, inviting environment.

That is a real parrot on the singer's shoulder

Their weekly Yappy Hours are open to humans and animals of all kinds – birds, dogs … whatever – and proceeds from the Yappy Hours go to the Rancho Coastal Humane Society.   They have live music played by Endangered Speciez … quite an appropriate name for the event, but Roy told me it was just a coincidence.

Scott ordered a California chicken sandwich that came with sweet potato fries;

California chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries.

I had the Mediterranean platter that boasted the owner’s family recipe of homemade humus.  Both meals were delicious.

St. Germain’s is open for breakfast and lunch daily; and for dinner during Yappy Hour a few days a week.

My dinner ... Yum!

The restaurant is looking to open seven days a week for dinner soon.  Definitely check it out.


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The Butcher Shop

I generally shy away from eating meat, particularly meat in steak form.  However, one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego County is The Butcher Shop Steakhouse.

While I can resoundingly say I’ve never tried steak there, I can attest to the restaurant’s exceptional seafood for both lunch and dinner.  I’m totally hooked on the jumbo shrimp and crab salad that comes with a side of some of the best garlic bread in town.  If you want to try it, go for lunch because it is not on the dinner menu.

The Butcher Shop transports guests to a different era when people had cocktails over power lunches and sat in red vinyl booths.  Walking into this dimly lit establishment makes you feel like you entered a scene from Mad Men – sans the cloud of smoke.

A few other features I like about this place is that on Sundays and Mondays you can bring your own bottle of wine for dinner and they will not charge a corkage fee.  Further, they offer great holiday meal specials and are a regular on the Restaurant.com list.

If you’re looking for a sample of what The Butcher Shop is all about, stop by for happy hour.  They have great specials and it is guaranteed to get you hooked.

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People Do Care About What You Ate for Lunch

Years back, before the social media revolution was in full force, I accidentally fell upon an interesting experiment.  I was a relatively new cycling instructor and didn’t know my students on a first-name-basis like I do now.  In between drills, I mentioned that I ate a piece of chocolate cake before coming to class.  And guess what happened … after class I had more students come up and talk to me than ever before.

Intrigued by this concept, I would sprinkle in food-related topics or other surfacy information about my life while teaching and my student feedback during and after class doubled.

Fast-forward to the social media era, where skeptics over-use and abuse the expression “I don’t care what my friend ate for lunch,” as their primary reason for not jumping into the social media mix.  I’m here to call out a resounding BS.

In fact, prior to dreaming up this post, Saturday morning I wrote this in my Facebook status:

“Mmmmmm … Nothing says breakfast like leftover German chocolate cake.”

Seven comments, one phone call and three “likes” later, I’m here to tell you that people do care.

Whether a brand or a person representing his or her own brand, people want to connect with other people.  They appreciate people who talk to them, not at them; and who share tidbits about their lives making them real.

Social media is a fantastic way to exchange professional information, share tips, deals and tricks, and also to network.  But in “real life,” aren’t you more prone to give your business to the person that tells you about his or her children, summer vacation or latest bargain buy as he or she sells you the product or provides the service?

The same goes for social media.  Balance is key.  Like food, don’t over-indulge sharing every explicit detail of your personal life, but lob out information here and there that people can relate to, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Pick a Lit’l Pepper

Those of you who were loyal Jeff n’ Jer listeners back in the day when local radio morning shows flourished, probably remember the duo going back and forth over breakfast orders with Hani.  

It made for a very humorous bit that I regularly looked forward to. The segments weren’t something they fabricated for entertainment –  it was 100 percent real.  Hani really does own Lit’l Pepper Deli “behind the bank, across the street from traffic court.”

I go there from time-to-time when I need to grab a bite to eat.  And I must admit, that even though I am a self-proclaimed non-star-struck person, I get a little nervous seeing Hani.  That’s stupid, right?  He’s a regular guy who fell into local celeb status.  Hani has a huge personality and talks to everyone that comes in the door. Since I listened to him on the radio for years, I feel like I know him a little even though he doesn’t know me. 

It is not just the atmosphere that is good; the food is good too.  I generally get their wraps or salads, but they have a huge and very diverse menu.  The tuna artichoke wrap and the Thai chicken wrap are my favorites.  They have awesome gyro salads as well. 

Today when I walked in to pick up my Thai chicken wrap, Hani said to me “Hello baby.  I made your wrap 2 lbs. today.”  I laughed at him, but he wasn’t kidding.  It was a lot of food. 

Lit’l Pepper is definitely worth a try – if for nothing else but to meet Hani.  I guarantee you’ll like the food too.

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