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Potluck Etiquette: Advice Needed

Where are the Midwest housewives when you need them?

I have long pondered the proper potluck etiquette as it pertains to couples or families.  Something tells me these ladies would have the answer to my questions.

Based on my understanding, when going to a potluck, everyone brings a dish to share.  However, many-a-time couples or families bring one collective dish.  Is that acceptable? 

I ask with the caveat that I’ve never been to a potluck that had a shortage of food.  But is it fair to those who come solo with a dish for those that come with sig other/kids in tow to only bring one dish as well?  At first blush, I say no.

Shouldn’t the people who come in pairs be responsible for bringing one dish that is twice the size – or two small dishes? 

I’m not here spouting judgement or advice because I don’t know the answer. It just seems fair to me that you should bring one dish per person – not group – when potlucking. 

What are your thoughts?  Please discuss.


Disclaimer: this has ZERO to do with any one who came to my house yesterday.  If anything, people brought three and four items per person … the amount of food was insane, awesome and delicious.


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