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No: The Nicest Word You Could Ever Say

I’m convinced that chronic non-RSVPers have never actually planned an event before.  If so, they’d understand the value of a yes or a no.

In an e-vite era, poor RSVP skills have never been so exposed.  At the core, I think all people are good at heart … even non-RSVPers.  These good people sometimes opt not to RSVP because they don’t want to be rude or hurt feelings by saying “no.”

I’m here to tell you, in the world of a required response, “no” is the kindest thing you could ever say.  It saves the host from over-buying or cooking food, renting extra chairs/tables, paying for a bigger location, ordering extra tickets, etc. 

There is not a required excuse or explanation  tacked to your “no.”  We’re all busy people and can’t be expected to make it to everything.

If you are one of those who likes to keep their options open, then how about a “maybe?”  At least the host knows there is a possibility. 

Next time you consider not responding, ask yourself what is more offensive.  Saying no or causing someone to spend extra money and time prepping for you when you have no intention of showing up?

The answer is simple.

Lord knows I’m no Miss Manners, but not responding is just one of those things that drives this (type) A crazy.

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